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The ERP System for Your Electricity and Gas Distribution

Joules is the only fully integrated solution for energy suppliers that simplifies customer management and makes energy sales scalable. As an ERP system for nationwide energy supply companies, municipal utilities as well as basic suppliers, Joules not only displays sales partners, CRM and customer portals, but also offers software solutions for all sales channels.
The modular system of Joules enables small municipal utilities with only one or two distribution channels to work with a single software. Large power suppliers with additional needs, such as churn prevention, can use Joules just as well, simply adding the required modules. Isolated solutions and Excel-sheets are a thing of the past. Our automated data processing without systemic breaks finally makes energy sales scalable.


Sales Partner Portal

Joules PARTNER is a multi-client system for working with sales partners and call centers. Energy supply companies link all internal and external sales staff to the software, so they no longer need to import Excel lists via interfaces. Customers can even sign the contract digitally while the sales rep is on site, so paper contracts become obsolete. Since Joules is a cloud-based software-as-a-service accessibility is flexible without the need for static desktop programs.


Websites and Portals

Simplify online sales with a web construction kit and a customer portal tailored to the needs of the energy industry. The website, based on the CMS Silverstripe, contains all components relevant for the classic applications of energy suppliers, such as tariff calculators, an ordering process or capturing current meter reading. Thanks to the interconnected system, contracts finalized online are sent directly to the contract administration.


CRM and Campaign Management

As an ERP system for energy supply companies, Joules represents all industry-specific CRM workflows. Being a customer relations system specifically for energy sales, it represents the characteristic features of the energy industry, such as delivery points, consumption reports and MPAN. Marketing teams can be assigned via the integrated campaign management. Advertising campaigns can thus be easily planned, set up, and assigned to individual employees.


Your Friendly Partner for Digitizing the Energy Industry

eins+null is a highly specialized software provider with more than ten years worth of experience in the energy industry. Our team and highly agile processes enable fast implementation cycles even with intensely complex requirements.
Our longstanding cooperation with energy supply companies is also reflected in our system architecture. Interfaces with industry-specific billing systems such as SAP, Powercloud or Sherpa are included in Joules by default.

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In unserem Blog äußern wir uns regelmäßig zu Themen rund um den Energievertrieb und die agile Software-Entwicklung, und gewähren Ihnen einen Einblick in unseren Arbeitsalltag.

10 Jahre eins+null in Cluj-Napoca

Unsere Teams aus Deutschland und Rumänien arbeiten sehr eng zusammen. Schon längst war es Zeit, sich endlich mal persönlich kennenzulernen.

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Firmenlauf 2019 in Regensburg

Den ersten Platz werden wir zwar wohl nie erreichen, aber es macht immer jede Menge Spaß, beim Firmenlauf dabeizusein.

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Ein Stockwerk für das Marketing-Team

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"We are pleased to have found a highly flexible IT service provider that supports us in the digitalization of our sales processes. Thank you eins+null."


"Processing our partners is very diverse - luckily so is Joules! This way we can map even our most complex processes. And if the standard solution does not fit, it is simply made to fit."


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eins+null is the perfect IT service provider for utility companies that have set themselves ambitious goals: EnbW, GASAG, VERBUND, TOTAL, Mainova and many others already rely on the smartly integrated solution from eins+null. When would you like to get to know us?