The eins+null Team


eins+null was founded in 2009 by Lukas Ebner and Michael Zuber during their time at university and has been managed by the team ever since. Lukas Ebner is responsible for business development, marketing and processes. As CTO of the company, Michael Zuber continuously develops innovative extensions for our pro-duct Joules. He is also CTO of Compera GmbH, which is affiliated with eins+null. The youngest member of the management team is Dominik Flubacher, who as Head of Sales tirelessly acquires exciting customers from the energy sector. In addition, the certified business coach is responsible for the professional and personal development of our team.

Lukas Ebner

MBA // Dipl. Informationswirt (FH)
Managing director & founder

Dominik Flubacher

Master of Arts (M.A.)
Authorised signatory

Michael Zuber

Dipl. Informationswirt (FH)
Managing director & founder

The Team in Regensburg

Marketing & Sales

Eveline Eckert B.A.

Sales Manager

Nina Jung

Communication Designer

Anna Walberer B.A.

Marketing Manager

Sabrina Konrad B.A.

Marketing and Sales Manager

Product Management

Alexander Huber B.A.

Team Leader
Project Management

Hanns Meißner M.Sc.

Project Manager

Christoph Huber M.A.

Technical Documentary

Nadine Gallner M.A.

Project Manager

Filip Romic

Project Manager

Dr. Christian Delpero

Software Testing Manager

Project Management

Heike Sylla

Team Leader
Requirements Management

Sabrina Süß M.Sc.

Team Leader Project Management

Alena Rohr B.A.

Project Manager

Jean-François Desjardins

Research and development architect

Victor Hergert

Project Manager

Alexandra Fass

Project Manager

Jannis Schulz

Project Manager

Carlos Larramendi B.A.

Project Manager

Customer Management

Jürgen Birkenstock

Team Leader
Customer Support

Denisa Cernau M.A.

Deputy Team Leader Customer Support

Maria Sterl M.A.

Account Manager

Roman Manukjan M.A.

Account Manager

André Knott

Account Manager

Florian Scheugenpflug

Account Manager

Susanne Böhm M.A.

Account Manager

Marina Prechtl

Account Manager

Jonas Fuchs

Account Manager

Hugo Spoor

Account Manager

Team Assistance

Bettina Nuslan

Team Assistent

Vincent Schöner



Simon Pitzl

Trainee as Management Assistant for Digitalisation

Julian Ehl

Trainee as Management Assistant for Digitalisation

Our Developers

In addition to the location in Ratisbona, there is a second branch office in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg), with which eins+null has maintained a highly successful nearshoring partnership since 2009. The team is one hundred percent and full-time involved in the procedures and processes of eins+null. Common tools such as a ticketing system, various controlling tools and a team chat ensure the team's continuously high output. In addition, a local staff member is responsible for on site management, recruiting and quality management. Mutual visits ensure high motivation and genuine team spirit.